Telephone Caregiver Support Group

Seven consecutive Thursday evenings from February 27th to April 9th, 7:00pm – 8:00pm, EST

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The National Philoptochos Department of Social Services is mounting a faith based Telephone Caregiver Support Group for Orthodox Christians who are caring for a loved one who is elderly, or suffers from a chronic or life-threatening illness, or who is disabled. The group will incorporate our community’s cultural characteristics, attitudes, perceptions and beliefs that can influence how caregivers address the challenges they face.

For seven consecutive Thursday evenings from February 27th to April 9th, 7:00pm – 8:00pm, EST, we will “meet” over the telephone, allowing caregivers throughout the Archdiocese to participate.

  • Group discussions will be facilitated by Theodora Ziongas, M.A. and co-led by Paulette Geanacopoulos, LMSW, Director, National Philoptochos Department of Social Services – both with strong clinical and practical backgrounds in caregiving and aging services. Sessions will focus on issues such as best practices to help caregivers manage the physical needs of their loved ones; dealing with stress, guilt and exhaustion; importance of self-care; family dynamics and decision-making; long-distance caregiving; financial concerns, and preparing for the future.
  • The final session, led by a member of the clergy, is designed to help caregivers build resilience, strength and coping skills through discussions of faith, spirituality and prayer.

Register for the Phone Conference

  1. pre-registration is required, to join the group to email us at:
  2. After emailing, all registrants will be contacted by Dora Ziongas to provide more information regarding their caregiving experiences and to confirm their understanding of confidentiality. This interview is designed to give us background information on participants to help us finalize the topics of discussion.

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If you have any suggestions, advice or questions or if you would like additional information, please contact:

Paulette Geanacopoulos, LMSW
(212) 977-7782 (confidential social work office)


Theodora Ziongas, M.A.